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A few years ago at once two planets endured serious cataclysms, and two families made identical decisions: to put sons in spaceships and to send them to Earth. So in large and rich Metro-City there were at once two aliens and if one of them got to the rich house and received all necessary, another landed in the prison yard. No wonder that the first became a superhero by the name of Metromen and began to protect people from the most any dangers, and the second – the super villain Megamind.

The Megamind periodically was imprisoned and extremely inventively from there ran, and Metromen won against it and again put in prison. But once there was an unforeseen: The Megamind won, and the city lost the hero. The triumph of the villain wasn't long: it appeared that without Metromen not so interesting life, and for new Adventures even the super villain needs the enemy. The Megamind still has only one: to create the hero who will accept his call and will reflect blow.
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