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The Expendables

The group of the retired elderly military under Barney Ross's command for money is capable to get out hostages of hands of terrorists or to overthrow the cruel dictator. Among Barney's colleagues there are skilled snipers, skillful demolition men, specialists in hand-to-hand and knife fight and of course fans of large calibers. After a successful task on liberating of hostages the team "The Expendables" restores forces, putting in order personal records.

Meanwhile the being partner Barney, to the Tat master Toole, from one of the high-ranking CIA agents secures the new order for specific services of team of Barney. All-powerful Management is interested in certain resources which are on Vilen's island. To execute the order, it is required to destroy the governor of the island, the general Garz. Having arrived to reconnaissance, Barney meets unforeseen difficulties - a situation on the island slightly more difficult, than the customer described.
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