The Ides of March poster

The Ides of March

Perhaps, work of staff of campaign headquarters – one of the most intense and invigorating in the world. Eventually, to them it is necessary not only to trace the slightest changes of reAction of society to words and acts of the candidate, but sometimes and to deal with the ill-wishers capable of everything to liquidate both the candidate, and his assistants. Stephen Myers who became the member of campaign headquarters of one of candidates for president wholly will experience this party of the work during pre-election race.

Stephen Myers sincerely considered that the governor Mike Morris who is speaking on behalf of democrats, the person charismatic and pleasant, – the one who is necessary for America that the country changed for the better. Stephen's illusions will be smashed when he understands that the person capable of meanness and hypocrisy is behind an attractive mask of Morris. Not to withdraw and to turn into the victim of ruthless political system, Stephen can make only one: to be arranged under rules of the game and at the crucial moment to protect itself.
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