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American Wrestler: The Wizard

The touching and at the same time motivating Sports Drama 2017 online "American Wrestler: The Wizard" will tell story of the young guy who didn't want to give in to general opinion, didn't lose courage because of humiliation from people around, misunderstanding with the only native person, and threw down a challenge, first of all, to himself and the whole world.

Ali Dzhakhani was born and grew up in Iran. The enemy situation in the country compelled the guy to leave the homeland and to get over to America hoping there to create new life. Having lodged in one of small towns of the solar State of California, the young man meets new difficulties of the life. Will accustom to a new situation it appeared much more difficultly than he imagined. Contemporaries refuse to understand position of the refugee, to show sympathy. For popular children of Ali becomes one more object for mockeries and sneers.

Even courage and courage don't rescue it from a cruel beating of the trained athletes, champions of school. However the hero doesn't become reserved, even despite a hostile spirit to it of the uncle with which lives. Understanding of that it is impossible to lower hands, it is necessary to look for a way out, and also strong aspiration to make friends and to achieve recognition of acquaintances, brings into school Sports section on fight. There it meets the remarkable trainer who made out the beginner's potential. The man decides to help the Ward to realize goals, and it manages it. Having passed heavy tests, more than once rising from the bottoms, the guy becomes a winner, reaches inconceivable results.
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