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Hotel Transylvania

The movie begins with a Dracula, who builds a five star hotel in Transylvania for all the monsters. He does that for the safety of the monsters as his wife, Martha was killed by an angry human and since then, they have got an opinion that humans are a threat to monsters. Dracula’s daughter Mavis, is celebrating her 118th birthday and all the famous monsters are invited to the party.

Mavis desires to see the human world on her birthday and Dracula allows her to go out of the castle, but as he is afraid that humans are a threat, he makes a plan to frighten her and make her return home. He succeeds in his plan, but a 21 year old, young human named Jonathan is lured to the hotel. In order to prevent any disturbance in her daughters birthday party, he disguises him as a monster. Mavis gets attracted to Jonathan but Dracula tries really hard to stop them from getting close.
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