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Quentin Jacobsen is staying in Jefferson Part at Orlando in Florida. Across the street stays Margo Roth who is her friend since childhood. They have found a corpse of a person named Robert Joyner in their neighbourhood when he has committed suicide after his divorce. Quentin is in love with Margo since they have met but Margo is unaWare of his feelings.

When they grow up in their teens, Margo becomes a famous and popular girl but Quentin remains unpopular in his friend circle. He has two friends named Banjamin Starling and Marcus Lincoln or “Radar”. During one night, Margo gets into Quentin room through a ladder and convinces him to come along with her on a road trip to take revenge on her unfaithful boyfriend Jason Worthington. He is also daring with Rebecca who happens to be Margo’s best friend. They go to the store and buy supplies. Then they plan very humiliating pranks on Jason and Rebecca.
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