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Hotel Transylvania 2

This awesome monsters Adventure comes back with more fun and entertainment, animated film abut the Hotel Transylvania 2, the hotel that is administrated by the one and only Dracula. This Hotel was supposed to only have monster clients, but now with the insistence of Mavis, Dracula’s daughter, the hotel can receive humans as well and from here on things start going a little Transylvania.

Now that Marvis is married to a human, Johnny, a great guy who feel in love with a Vampire and now he’s visiting his parents with his beloved. But everything is not as great as everyone thinks, Dracula’s also has a father and he’s coming back to his Hotel to find out that humans are getting welcomed at his Hotel, everything starts falling apart… Vlad, the great-grandpa of Marvis is awfully shocked by knowing that she has a non-vampire son and things start going backWards. A great family movie to see on a Sunday Afternoon.
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103 21

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