Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice poster

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

The movie begins with the Superman, whose battle with Zod resulted in ruining his image. The battle lead to destruction and he became one of the controversial figures. It’s been eighteen months after the battle, but the incident is still remembered by the people. On the other hand Clark Kent, with his articles tries to expose Batman and Bruce Wayne also feels that Superman is a threat to humanity.

The War is always on between Superman and Batman. Batman and Superman unite to save Superman’s mother and that’s when Batman realizes that Superman is not a threat to humans. The duo, unitedly fights with a monster that has been unleashed by the evil, Luthor. Prince, also join the duo and the battle of the Superheroes with the disastrous monster begins. Superman succeeds in retrieving the kryptonite spear from the monster and the monster is killed by him. But unfortunately, Superman also loses his life in the process.
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