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In the heart of the History, Francine sponsors Dramatic triller "Aftermath" is Roman, happy family man, whose life is as he himself the like. Suddenly his wife and daughter died in a plane crash caused by staff movement control of the company. On the day of the inadvertently just one human rights faced yes aircraft that has led to the гибелям of hundreds of innocent people. Losing in a single instant family, the main hero of the coma in despair.

It takes some time, but the investigative process does not give any results. The patience of the novel begins to end and soon he was aWare that the perpetrator may escape punishment. Realizing that it starts to develop a plan of punishment rights, which is responsible for the loss of his family. Roman confident that he has nothing to lose, and the murder of the offender can restore justice. And when his plan is fully conceived, it is sent to kill the Device Manager. But do the courage to deprive the life of another human rights?
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