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The Muppets

Film for fans of the show of the same name and starring in "The Muppets Movie" from James Bobbin, again leads the audience into the Muppet Theatre in Los Angeles, over which looms a serious threat again: bad and sinister businessman discovered the theatre outside the Tack oil field and wants to buy and destroy the building, which give his remarkable show Muppets puppets from Jim Henson.

But since you need to collect millions of dollars to "kill" the price, the Tycoon to a remarkable dolls come their fans-people: charming Mary (Amy Adams) and her lover (and in the Muppet Show) ingenuous guy Gary (Jason Segel).

How they could at the time to gather all the Costume of America achieve their unity. And yes even earn an astronomical sum? -See the Musical "the Muppet Movie" online and learn! Great music, great vocals, organic Plexus in the on-screen Action "puppet" line and "human"-you can be confident that "the Muppet Movie" Reel will give viewers a lot of positive emotions and catchy songs and dances! "The Muppet Movie" is not just a Musical, and a miraculous comeback in the world of children's fairy tales!
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