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All my life by Bill Marx somehow defended ordinary citizens: once he served the society in the New York City police, and now works for air marshal-a man whose duties consist in ensuring the safety of the aircraft. This work has managed to annoy Bill, but fly he did not like, and getting ready to go to the intercontinental flight, he hoped only that the next flight will take place without problems hated, and he won't have to use their powers.

But this time the Bill is waiting for something quite different: shortly after takeoff he gets exchanged over private channel SMS sender, which promises that if he does not remit the amount to the account at 150 million. dollars, every 20 minutes will kill one passenger flight. Obviously, the terrorist on board, among the dozens of passengers, and considering that he was aWare of the private communication channels, the expected easy victory to Bill. But the worst is not yet, and that the account number to which the hijacker demands translate ransom belongs to Bill, and it means that he himself becomes a target for special services.
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