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"Southbound" — Almanac stories, each of which main role given to ... the road! It weaves together short Horror stories that reveal its plot. The Way Out tells the story of two young men who filled with someone else's blood. Heroes are sitting in mchashhemsja car and trying to escape the strange creatures ... Siren tells the story of three girls playing Jazz. The heroine went to the concert, but the way their vehicle broke down and they took advantage of using odd couple. The girl accepted an offer to spend the night in the House "hospitable" owners caught Satanists.

The protagonist of the story The Accident — a middle-aged man, hurry home to his wife. Talking to his wife on the phone and distracted driver knocked down a girl, as it turned out, one of the heroines of early History. Trying to find medical help, scared people, guided vseznajushhimi operators, arrived at the hospital, which was ... completely empty. To save knocked down the victim, hero is forced to ... operate personally, using the tips of the surgeon all on the same phone. The jailbreak is a short film about a man who broke into the bar, looking for his sister, missing years ago. The Way In the final story, in which a prosperous family is sent outside the city that to spend the weekend with her daughter, the car is in college. Holiday Heroes was interrupted by strangers, who broke into their house.
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