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Ghost House

The young couple had planned to rest and chose as the location for the realization of their plans to Thailand. Long ago, they dreamed of go there, and finally the dream has come true. Guys satisfied lied on a sandy beach under the caressing sun and bathed in the Warm sea water. To forever remember this journey spouses went to the abandoned mansion, where according to legend local residents inhabit the souls of the dead owners. Ghost House has had a strong impression, and young really began to think that someone here inhabits. To their surprise the ghosts living in resort home were harmless, only felt their presence.

Heroes of the film, however, made a mistake and not all the inhabitants of this House. There were many souls of people died violent deaths, and they were not averse to steal guests into their world. The couple soon had finished a tour of the old manor house and went about their business. Together with them something sinister out of an abandoned house. It is ready for everything just to seize the souls of young travellers. From this very pores of the unknown has made adjustments in the rest of the two tourists. Now they need all sorts of ways to defend from entities that will be at liberty for only a few hours. Whether the main characters, plucking the force and courage to withstand the allotted time of ghosts in this world or they go together to the realm of the dead?
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