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School of Rock

Musical career does not always stack up well, someone big lucks, and man becomes a star for years, and someone's star fades away and forget about it. Just about dyin rock star Dewey Finn in the Comedy movie "School of Rock". Dewey a good musician, he has been on the rise for several years, but could not resist his Musical career nakrylas copper basin. How many rock stars he lived music and today, therefore neither savings nor own home at Dewey no, Yes and friends then these also do not exist.

He lives in a house near the old boyfriend with whom once played in the same group and experiencing depression. One day, Dewey gets an offer to get a job as a teacher in school, he gladly accepts, because wages in 650 dollars a week on the road not lying around. With the help of his disciples Dewey is trying to reclaim its former glory of rocker. Extracurricular School of Rock where Dewey is involved with children, slowly reveals their talents good musicians. It only remains to win a contest of rock bands!
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