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Annabelle: Creation

The master of puppets wife for a long time could not recover from the loss of their beloved daughter. A woman fell into a terrible depression, from which she managed to get off only a miracle. Having decided to leave the past behind, the owners of the House have decided to agree to resume tours of their remarkable home, though the family did not know then that Damn Annabel is not stopped, and soon it will start to act with renewed vigour. Insane creation of very talented puppeteer was obsessively most bloody desires, and therefore invited in house shelter and its nurturing small pupils cost be extremely cautious.

At night, when everything is already prepared to sleep, curious girls went to wander around the House. Sudden rustling and voices not on outright jokes pupils, then they immediately went back to his room. In the morning they told all their nurturing, but the woman only give out to them for such daring behaviour in their home, whereupon her head with thoughts about the veracity of testimony. Next night prepared the little guests even more unexpected "surprise". At the behest of dolls on Lucy dropped an enormous chandelier. The noise came in all. Lucy miraculously managed to survive, however calm so far. It was obvious that Damn Annabel continues to operate, and the doll does not stop until it reaches desired bloody results.
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