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Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade

This is the 5th film in the sequence of Ice Age and starts just after the three months where the earlier film in the series ends. It’s Easter time and Manny and his entire team is getting ready for the event. Ellie is trying hard to decorate their place all alone while Manny and Diego are busy in watching the eagle fights. Crash along with Eddie plan different pranks for Peaches but remain unsuccessful many times. Peach is very eager to spend the festive time of Easter with friends of her. Sid is again deciding to take care of the eggs for their owners.

Bunny Squint is an ex-pirate and is staying in his house along with his brother Clint. Clint is too lazy. Squint plans to take revenge on the group of Manny and her friends. He straightway goes and talks to them about a new boat but nobody pays attention to him. So he then takes away the eggs while Sid is sleeping.  
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