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The heroine of fantastic films Okja, Korean girl Mi Ja, living in the mountains a secluded area, suddenly gets a fantastic friend. Despite the terrible and fabulous look that frightened the first Korean girl. Fantastic animal in nature was not a monster, but kind and even a shy friend. The girl initially decided that brave Monster dangerous but Okja behavior and his kind eyes proved the opposite. MI Jah couldn't get new friend and answered so far reciprocated Okja abruptly dropped out of sight.

In the Woods by the unusual friend Mi Ji no enemies, so the girl initially agreed that simply Okja wanders about his business, but later the girl recovered in search of each other, that marked the beginning of the incredible Adventures of little Korean girl. Search for other lead Mi Ju in America, where it will face the transnational corporation Okja. As well as meet new friend and Assistant in the struggle for the liberation of Okja. Ed, the name of the girl in the society advocates for animals to learn about the problem of the Korean child heroine decides to help free the other. The end of confrontation between the greedy capitalism and selfless friendship, look in the film.
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