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Mechanic: Resurrection

The movie Mechanic : Resurrection, is an Action Thriller which is the sequel of Mechanic. This story has Arthur Bishop, who was previously involved in assassins and killings but somehow he moves away from all of this and decides to live a normal life. But his destiny and his foe do not allow him to do so. His biggest enemy abducts his love and pulls him back to the world of murders and killings.

To save the love of his life he returns to his previous work and again he kills people and makes the murder give the impression of being an accident. His life is again at risk when he is given the task of killing the most vicious and treacherous people of the world. The movie moves around the handsome, aggressive and violent Arthur Bishap’s assassins and his lady love. This movie definitely has the x-factor in it and it will definitely be worth watching.
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82 22

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