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The year 2057 mankind has changed beyond recognition. The human body is too fragile, so scientists are developing surrogates-artificial body, which people remaining at home, safe, can manage. Connecting to the surrogate-safe, they experience the whole range of feelings and live life to the fullest-at least so it seems. But nobody thinks about that life passes by, after all, sit at home and not to expose themselves to danger is a tempting prospect. In addition, the surrogates is an improved version of people.

They are beautiful, young and can be such a sex that is more to the liking of their owners. A police officer named Tom Greer and his wife are surrogates, so that communication between them almost petered out. But one Fact to be awake from sleep: in his hometown of offender appeared, destroying the surrogates, which kills its victims so that not only the puppet's body, but also real people die. Said Greer to be no easy task.
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